Gray and Black Interlocking Tiles are made up of flexible vinyl composite with 100 % recycled content, including 25% post-consumer content.

Special Order Interlocking Tiles of Blue, Green, Red, Yellow or Beige are made up of flexible vinyl composite with minimum 10% recycled content, including 5% post-consumer content.

Dimensions 24” x 24”
(Coverage 23.75″ x 23.75″ or 3.92sq/ft. per tile)
Thickness 0.22”

Weight 6.1 lbs. average per tile
Effective coverage 3.92 sq. ft.
Connection Interlocking edges

Abrasion resistance ASTM Taber Method 500 gram wheel 1,000 cycles, <0.4 grams weight loss.

Reference specification ASTM F-1306

Smoke density ASTM E-662: Class 1 <450

Critical radiant flux ASTM E-648: Meets Class 1 fire rating >0.45 watts/cm²

Coefficient of friction ASTM D-2047: 0.7-.08 (depending on surface). Conforms to ADA specifications. Not intended for ramps.

Static load resistance ASTM F-970: >2,000 psi

These tiles are tough stuff!

5% acetic acid – No effect
Acetone – No effect
28% ammonia – No effect
Animal blood – No effect
Carbon tetrachloride – No effect
Chloroform – No effect
Cottonseed oil – No effect
95% ethyl alcohol – No effect
Ethyl acetate – No effect
37% formaldehyde – No effect
Gasoline – No effect
30% hydrogen peroxide – No effect
Methanol – No effect
Mineral Oil – No effect
0.5% muriatic acid – No effect
50% sodium hydroxide – No effect
98% sulfuric acid – No effect
Tallow – No effect
2% tincture of iodine – No effect
Trichloroethylene – No effect

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