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Many ‘experts’ today recommend a cement stain or epoxy (xylene based 2 part) paint for garage floors. What about the cracks in the floor? Every cement floor has cracks. What do I do? Well, patching is one alternative, unfortunately using a cement stain may allow the patch to shine through along with any other imperfections on the floor. What about dampness, moisture and mildew? Salt and sand from the road, what about them? Cleaning the floor before painting is critical. A TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) detergent is recommended to remove any existing grease and oil embedded in the cement.

But, it can’t be that bad, I’ll just empty the garage of everything and find someplace to put the stuff. Make sure the temperature is above 50F. I’ll warm up the power washer, get a respirator, get some gloves for the acid wash, sand blast because I really want the paint to stick, neutralize the acid wash with baking soda in a water mixture, wait a few days for the cement to dry, buy very expensive paint, mix (2) part epoxy and apply, and then wait, apply another coat of epoxy and wait, wait, and wait for days…

Then, leave everything off the floor for up to two weeks for the epoxy to really harden.

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to paint the floor. Some industrial and commercial floors have been exposed to oil, gasoline, transmission fluid spills, and grease for years. Detergents, sandblasting, acid etching and chemical washing won’t stop those years of oil from coming up to the surface even after the paint is applied. Paint peeling and hot tire pick-up, tire marks that don’t come off, damp, cracked or chalky cement or even decomposition of the paint is inevitable. In these cases, painting is just not an option. Unless it’s in your plan to paint every year.

Well, most of us don’t have the luxury of emptying the garage of everything and not using our garage for days, especially in some of the northern climates where rain, snow and just plain cold weather prohibit any kind of outside “driveway storage” for any length of time.

What’s the point? Why not drive today! Why wait?

The fact is at least 90% of the people we talk to purchase our tiles because the just don’t want the hassle of painting anymore. They are looking for a solution. Something quick, easy and durable, replaceable, and above all, great looking.

So why GarageTile.COM™?

Because GarageTile.COM™ tiles are the intelligent alternative to painting your garage floor every 2 years. (Or more often if you really think about it.) Our interlocking tiles made from 100% recycled materials. Impervious to gasoline, oil, acetone, ammonia, and a whole host of other caustic compounds. Our products have been used for industrial flooring for years.

As a floating floor, GarageTiles don’t have to be affixed to the floor, thus relieving you of finding an adhesive that will stick to a chalky, dusty cement floor to hold the tiles in place.

Now GarageTile.COM™ is bringing these products to your home.

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