Frequently asked Questions
about GarageTile.COM Tiles

Do I need to do anything to my garage floor before installing GarageTile?

No, except for major cracks or missing cement pieces, no skim coating, sealing, sand blasting or detergent washing is necessary. Just sweep or blow out your garage and your ready to install.

What adhesive do I use to attach GarageTile to the floor?

None. GarageTile is a floating floor. No adhesive is necessary.
How long do I have to wait before I can use my garage and drive on GarageTile?

As fast as you install it! You can drive on the floor the same day.

Can GarageTile be installed over a painted floor?


Do the tiles require a sealant once I’m done?


How do I clean the tiles?

Ammonia and water will do just fine with a sponge mop. No waxes or sealers should be used. You can use a buffer with a lambs wool pad to buff a clean dry floor to an amazing shine.

What tools are required for your tile installation?

A rubber mallet to properly connect the interlocks and a carpet knife or any other cutter suitable for vinyl tiles.

Can I use these tiles outside?

No, tiles are not Manufactured for direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.

What are GarageTile tiles made from?

Recycled materials that were destined for our landfills. Environmentally friendly GarageTile tiles make good use of what we would normally throw away.

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