Our products represent maximum value for your hard-earned dollar. Our GarageTile tile products are made from environmentally friendly 100% recycled materials. Our main tile products have been used for years in industrial and manufacturing environments to create low-maintenance, worry free floor coverings. Impervious to gasoline, acetone, oil, ammonia, photo chemicals, our GarageTile products are used in warehouses, department stores, restaurants, and many other commercial installations. They already know the value of our products. Now you can buy the same product that the big guys have been using in their commercial environments for years.

Adhesive free, floating floors have been around for a long time. Our GarageTile with interlocking edges and easy do-it-yourself installation makes GarageTile.COM a great choice.

Contracted and supplied by major manufacturers with years of experience in the flooring industry, GarageTile.COM provides you with a durable, practical, and competitive price-point alternative to traditional floor coverings.

In addition to our tile products, we provide items such as 100% virgin rubber matting for warehouses, automotive garages, home and commercial gyms, restaurant kitchen drain thru tiles, flooring for Karate Dojo’s and specialty items custom designed and manufactured for specific floor covering applications.

Bring your floor covering problems to us, we’re here for you.

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